Balibo Five Kindergarten

Posted: 10-25-12

Established in 2002, Balibo House Trust honours the memories of the Balibo Five by working with the people of Balibo on projects that provide community education, income and opportunity.

In 2012, the Trust – in conjunction with the Rotary Australia World Community Service – completed the refurbishment of the Balibo pr
The kindergarten was too small for the number of children it supports and was in urgent need of renovation and extension.  The project doubled the size of the kindergarten, repaired the existing building, built a playground, toilets and secure fencing and provided new books, toys and learning materials.  Enrolment at the kindergarten has grown from 40 to 63 students and this will increase again in 2013.e-primary school (named ‘Balibo Five Kindergarten’ by the local community).

In response to the growth in student numbers, Balibo House Trust will provide training and salary support for two assistant kindergarten teachers in 2012-2013.  If you too, would like to support improved education for the children of Balibo, please contact the Trust’s Executive Officer, Rich Gilmore, at