CER Education Program

Posted: 8-11-12

CER Education Program

Preschool Teachers' Inservice with Australian Volunteer

Preschool Teachers’ Inservice with Australian Volunteer

Adult literacy rates in Timor Leste are very low and less than half of primary-aged children complete 6 years of primary education. CER provides qualified, reliable teaching staff and resources to encourage regular attendance at school and increase retention rates. Funds from Australia enable payment of salaries for ‘volunteer’ primary school and preschool teachers and the sourcing and provision of teaching supplies. A particular feature has been the development of teaching resources for early language work in Tetun, the main local language. CER invests considerable resources in pre-school and primary teacher professional development. The involvement of Australian volunteer teachers is invaluable in in-servicing and mentoring of CER’s local teachers, which encourages participation, creativity and cross cultural exchange. The Australian Catholic University has enabled Australian final year primary teaching undergraduates to undertake their last practicum in CER supported schools, where they are able to model latest practice. ACU also works in collaboration with ICFP tertiary college in Bacau and in 2011 two local Railaco Kraic graduates were engaged by CER to teach in their home village. CER has also helped build community centers and improve school buildings and facilities.

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