HELP – Building Teams

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Posted: 8-11-12

HELP – Building Teams

Construction of Teachers' House

HELP is an acronym for Hutchinson Builders, St Edmund’s College – Ipswich, St Laurence’s College – South Brisbane and St Patrick’s College – Shorncliffe. HELP building teams are comprised of a supervising builder from Hutchinson, Year 11 & 12 Manual Arts students from the participating schools and support teachers. Hutchinson Builders provide the materials for these projects. In 2010 two classrooms were completed at Samalete and another two in 2011. Previously, students at Samalete had only one classroom of bamboo construction. The alternative was a 45 minute walk over hilly terrain to the closest school. Because of these difficulties many students were delaying commencing school. In 2012 HELP is concentrating its efforts on the Gleno vocational educational centre. Fund raising is also being undertaken to further the resources at Gleno School as well funding the HELP immersion program. There is a move to help fund the running of the centre in 2013.



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