Klibur Domin: Inpatient Care, TB Program, CBR Program

Posted: 4-16-13

Klibur Domin: Inpatient Care, TB Program, CBR Program

Welcome to Klibur Domin, a Timorese NGO providing Inpatient Care, TB and MDR-TB treatment, and Community Based Rehabilitation for those with disabilities. Klibur Domin is located at Tibar, in the district of Liquica, 17km from the capital, Dili. For further information that what is provided here (in English and in Tetun), or to donate or volunteer, please visit our website: www.kliburdomin.org

Klibur Domin runs three programs:

1) Inpatient Services Program: 
The Inpatient Program provides care for patients recovering from illnesses and injuries who are referred from the National Hospital in Dili and other clinics. This allows the hospital to free up beds for higher priority patients. KD also cares for four remaining residents who lived here prior to 1999. The program provides, free of charge:
– Accomodation for patients and carers (50 beds)
– A Respite Centre (12 beds)
– Good nutrition
– Transport to and from hospital
– Supervised medication
– Exercise programs with trained Rehabilitation Aide
– Health education
– Support and loving care.
2) Tuberculosis (TB) Program:
Timor-Leste has one of the highest rates for tuberculosis in the world. Klibur Domin is a key actor in the fight against tuberculosis and partners with Target TB UK, Catholic Relief Services, the Global Health Fund, the Ministry of Health and the National TB Program to tackle this potentially fatal disease. There are three distinct areas of focus under KD’s TB Program:
– Inpatient Treatment: Half of the 50 inpatient beds are allocated to TB patients referred from the National Hospital, other clinics, and the Mobile TB Team.  The patients can spend up to 6 months at Klibur Domin before continuing treatment at home. Klibur Domin has a TB laboratory and technician on site, and samples are sent to Adelaide (South Australia) for analysis.
–   – The Mobile TB Team: This team travels to remote villages diagnosing and treating those with tuberculosis in the community. Many patients can be treated at home with medication taken under the supervision of trained East Timorese volunteers. This team also conducts workshops and teaching sessions at health clinics, community centres, and schools.
–   – Multi Drug Resistant TB (MDR-TB) Ward: Klibur Domin has the only MDR-TB facility in Timor-Leste, with a purpose built MDR-TB ward. MDR-TB is a particularly aggressive form of TB and can take more than 12 months of intensive treatment as well as continued treatment at home.
3) Community Based Rehabilitation Program:
This program supports people with disabilities, particularly children, in their communities. A mobile rehabilitation team has identified about 100 children with disabilities who are receiving support from Klibur Domin in their villages. Children receive medical treatment, physio and occupational therapy from the mobile team or can stay at the St Damien’s Respite Centre at Klibur Domin for a few weeks for more intensive treatment. Wheelchairs, ramps and other equipment are provided for the children’s homes, and many now attend school, having been unable to do in the past.

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