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Posted: 7-19-12

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A group of 9 young recent graduates and 5 staff/adults will travel as volunteers to Triloka Village in late November 2012 to undertake a number of identified projects and implement several health and education programs. As well as connecting with the East Timor community, we see this opportunity for our young people as a progression from school based social justice activities to wider community involvement.

For the first time this year, Nazareth Outreach Work (NOW)  is going beyond Australia. One of the major initiatives of our NOW Program is the outreach work we are beginning with Triloka Village, in the Baucau District of East Timor. Our East Timor program is in partnership with Rotary International and the local West Torrens Rotary group. We at Nazareth Catholic Community are committed to the core values as outlined in our Vision and Mission Statements. As such, we are committed to social justice principles of the Church. As a community of faith we are called as ‘People of Justice’ to reach out to others both at a national and international level.

This year is our first immersion into the community, however a community commitment is in place to continue our outreach work and to annually meet the needs ot the East Timor community. The following projects have been identified as particular needs within the Village and as such our volunteers will be working on:

  • Painting and refurbishment of classrooms at the local schools
  • Providing desperately needed resources and equipment for the local schools
  • Raising funds ($20,000) to rebuild the Mother and Children Birthing Clinic (fundraising will be ongoing).

In order for the group to undertake this work, a container had been organised to be shipped and arrive in time for our volunteers in November. The container will be filled with the necessary resources and equipment for the local schools, basic medical supplies and family packs, including items such as books, blankets, pencils and paper, re-chargeable or solar flashlinghts and appropriate clothing.

Our Triloka project is conducted in partnership with Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS).

For further information on Nazareth Catholic Community and/or it’s Outreach work go to our website or contact Michael Dahl – Director  08 84065035

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