With One Seed

Posted: 6-14-12

With One Seed

With One Seed supports subsistence communities in Timor Leste to make environments sustainable, to end poverty and hunger, to deliver universal education and to create global partnerships.

We do this, by helping vulnerable rural communities adapt to climate variability, build local economies, boost education and training and grow stronger, more resilient communities, through village-based reforestation initiatives called Community Tree Cooperatives. With One Seed’s foundation project is working with subsistence farmers and school communities in Baguia, Timor Leste.

We underpin this by working to influence sustainability and build environmental awareness and regional understanding through With One Seed Education Programs in schools across Australia and Timor Leste.

For further information about With One Seed visit www.carbonxchange.net.au
or email andrew@carbonxchange.net.au or lyn@carbonxchange.net.au

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